Realm of the Mad God Hacks

The most common kind of cheat that is used in ROTMG is the ‘hacked client’. It is so called because using this cheat, the hacker changes the actual way that the game client processes the input provided by the user as well as the input form. This technique has proved to be quite effective, a few months back, this technique even used to allow creating a working god mode for ROTMG.

To change any of the stats to any number for any of the characters used can be easily done using Cheat Engine. This method however, does not seem to work anymore, so one cannot cheat using this. This cheat, till the time of its effectiveness was amongst the favorites for the players. However, it still allows one to change the displayed value of any statistic, though this kind of cheating has no affect whatsoever on the skill value, so it really isn’t that beneficial.

As mentioned earlier, there have been all kinds of hacks of god modes in the past of Realm of the Mad God. Till 2012, one had the ability to obtain a complete god mode while not getting any sort of damage from any kind of monster. Even after that period, one was still able to achieve partial god modes and have them up and working while avoiding getting disconnected from the server occasionally. Now however, the developers have patched all of the god mode exploits that were so very successful in the past, making the character health almost entirely processed on the side of the server.

Many players look for ways to manipulate their individual Realm of the Mad God inventories, but unlike the past, client sided hacking now does not support any or all of the ways one manipulates those items, including changing items, adding them, generating them etc. This has happened because now all of the items in the inventories are being processed on the server and so client sided hacking is not able to change or even access them.

One more hack or cheat that is quite in demand these days among the entire Realm of the Mad God hack users are those hacks that are able to change the user’s realm fame and gold. Unfortunately, for quite some time, it has been impossible to change these values. This was patched even before the god mode because it had the ability to completely ruin the game, and thus the income of the developers. There is absolutely no MMO game out there that does not process on the server, its main currencies. Anyone who claims the contrary is simply lying.

If one is looking to sell or buy items or even accounts in ROFTMG, all they have to do is simply post their offer on a trade section offered on various sites. In some cases, even actual real life money trades are even allowed, however, one should be cautious of scammers. A trusted middle man comes in handy if one is to avoid getting scammed, but even he won’t be able to guarantee anything.

In addition to singing and painting pictures for a living, I also fix computers. My worlds end up colliding quite a bit. Yesterday, for example, I made a ComboFix logo linocut so that I could apply ComboFix to things other than infected Windows computers

ComboFix, incidentally, is a fierce, awe-some, and scary program. Don't run it. I'm even kind of wary of using this stamp on things. Ha!

Sorting through my old photos I found this. I was modeling for my woodcut of One Eye and Three Eyes. I used an ice cream scoop to stand in for the bone.

How to Get Started in Blogging To Get More Clients

You know you would like to do it, but you don't know how.
You want to get started, but think it's too complicated.
You wonder if the time you invest in it, is really worth it.
What is it?
Blogging is a type of article marketing and is often written more informally. Blogs can be created on sites, such as or or integrated into your website.
When blogging consistently, you will find that it generates backlinks, boosts traffic, and builds long-term relationships with your customers or clients. According to HubSpot, "approximately 46% of daily online searches are for information on products or services".ff Blogs can be effective ways to drive traffic. Blogging also:
• Establishes a way to stay in touch with your community
• Engages your community
• Generates more opportunities for your products or services to be discovered
The task of getting started in writing blogs can be daunting but blogging is easier than you may think. Here are quick ways to get that blog started:
1. Determine where blogging fits into your overall marketing strategy. Include your target audience and identify the metrics you will use to determine your content's effectiveness. Remember, you can't manage what you don't measure.
2. Identify topics to write about. Take a few minutes to jot down some topics you can cover in your blog related to your area of expertise. The topics may come from frequently asked questions from your customers or clients, your signature program, or content you have already developed. When you have identified the topics, it's easy to start writing and it gives you content to share with your community.
3. Repurpose what you have already written. If you have an eBook, marketing piece, or other articles, repurpose them into blog posts. Remember, your blog post doesn't have to be long to be effective. Rather than writing many long blog posts with multiple points, feature just one aspect or point. Smaller articles are easier for your community to digest, too.
4. Keep your blog articles SEO friendly. According to lead generation expert, Jayne Burch of Marketing Monsoon, "your articles should be Search Engine Optimization friendly". Your blog posts should include key words. Key words are those words your ideal clients put in search engines to find you. If you're a chiropractor who specializes in back pain, you might write an article with the words, back pain relief. "For maximum SEO optimization, these key words should be contained in your title, the first sentence of your first paragraph, some place in the middle of your article, and in the last sentence in the last paragraph of your article".
Remember to monitor your blog's traffic patterns to see what resonates with your readers. One last point: be consistent. Consistency creates trust and people do business with people they know, like and trust. If you start a blog, commit to a regular schedule. Before you know it, you'll get more traffic and clients all because you started implemented your blog strategy.

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